Lulu Shorts PAWG

Hey guys!

I think I found my new hunting ground. Aha

Book stores are where it’s at! This one is in a mall so it’s super easy to blend in. Its a bit of a drive, but totally worth the visit! It feels like I’m here almost daily. Haha

This girl is an absolute dime piece! I hope you guys enjoy! As always love your comments and feedback!



such big asscheeks, good catch!

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Thanks man! I wish I could have followed her for longer, but her bf was here.

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If her bf was the one before her, he needs to stop skipping legs days :joy:

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That’s him. :joy:

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Good lord, the way that ass moves :ok_hand:

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Right? Spotted her right away!

Gd job bones; had the booty radar on!

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I use to hit Barnes alot. Really good apot back in the day. Good catch and good call!

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It’s easy to predict where people are going, and they tend to linger more. So great opportunity to set up, and follow. Legit felt like shooting fish in a barrel.

I’ve been to this one so much the employees are hella friendly with me. So I might stick around more.

Very sexy

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Nice man, maybe next time u can edit them to

Edit what?

I thought I did a decent job with this video. :sweat_smile:

Yes, but cut the pictures

Like cut your top and bottom out

Oh got it!

Yeah, I might have rushed that one. Usually on the ball but I was excited to share! Aha