Lululemon pawgs!

Walked around the mall into a very small lululemon and found these two hot pawgs i had to capture. It was mad hard because of small the store was and how many workers were around but i managed to capture both with perfect timing and placement! such nice asses i wanted to bust one in store! let me know what you guys think! video if this gets lots of attention


Amazing shots! We definitely need the video

yo! these are bomb caps but I’m pretty sure they’ll get dropped unless you straighten’em up.
id hate to see good stuff get voided, na’mean?


Mmm there butts look perfect holy hell


Amazing pawgs. Great caps bro

Both are hot, the black leggings you clear caught her VTL - Nice catches…

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Yes, that thong line is hot!!!

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It would be good to have video.

I like this i like this a lot…