Mall Faceshots + Bonus 🌸


You’re out there doing the lord’s work my man! I can’t wait to cum home and welcum these to my 2nd screen. :smiling_imp:


Which girl is your favorite?

refreshing post, love face shots

Too hard to say. I love faces. I love surprised/shocked looking faces. You’ve got them all here. :hot_face:

Forsure the black girl. She was the prettiest one


absolutely incredible to see you post as always. would love an asian comp one day

Interesting post my friend, amazing caps :slight_smile:
What did you tell those girls? The way a few of them look at you… hilarious, looks they are shocked or stunned :-)
The Race was close, i`m down for that asian hottie in brown top yet at the end, this one made the race :-)

The face i do when i`m done nutting, so she suits me best :-)

Thank you for posting a little different pictures :-)


Need more black girl love on this forum haha.

Black Girls Faceshots :gem::gem::gem::smiling_imp:


Nice job bro!:fire:

Sephora girl is super cute but Tillys worker got some pretty titties no doubt :heart_eyes: great shots thanks man!

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The goats back lol

Fuck yes!!! Nutted hard to that ebony face!

Our king :crown:

Absolute gold mine, but my god pic 3 :drooling_face:

The blonde’s face is hilarious :joy::laughing: