Mall Run


Here are some more I just got. I’m kind of getting scared because I feel like more and more people are noticing my phone… until 2020 I literally never had any issues or had someone look right into my camera. But now, every other girl looks right at the phone and every time I go out I have a super close call

Just today someone threatened to call security on me, and as I was walking away from my last shot I heard a girl go “he was totally taking pictures of you.”

I really don’t get it because I’ve used these methods for years and never had any issues until now. And a lot of the time, I’m not even shooting, I’m just holding my phone like I normally do… and I still get accused! What is happening? Are my methods just really noticeable? Are people just cautious of phones now?

Anyways here are my pics


That last last one ^

I totally get your concern though, fucking love your posts but I’ve noticed recently more eye contact. Fuck em.


Tik Tok is to blame


Do a mirror pic I wanna see ur method pls love ur posts


The one with the purple hair and pineapple shirt looks like a freak


I’ve found that it is easier to keep your phone at hip level, like carrying a bag or jacket. They look at you but not the phone. Not really tried with the phone higher up apart from pretending to take a call.

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I think women are more aware of creep shots these days. I’ve seen a bunch of guys taking creep shots while I’m out and about, so it’s also becoming more common.

Thats why I usually snipe from a distance these days. Be careful out there, and thanks for taking the risk to share such great pics!


i had the security called on me recently. i was cat calling the bitch though, not taking photos of her.
dressed like a whore, so i inquired.

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It still has its issues! People are still more aware of it

It is so random! I have had some shots where the opposite happened (from what I expected). It is so random at this point.
Just keep clicking :fish:

I love how you can still see the girl with the white hair deodorant still on her armpit :rofl::rofl:

Pretty sure that’s antiperspirant, which I believe literally plugs-up the pores. Kindof defeats the purpose of having sweat glands!

looks like she’s saying ok you can fuck me…

Yeah, I think woman are all aware now of creepers trying to cap them. Some like the cat mouse game , others are super defensive. I’m finding that sometimes it’s best to go right at them and don’t give them time to react… then retreat… it’s different every time tho. You have the best face shots EVER. I can’t get enough of your good work. Thanks man.