Mega purge? Tons deleted

Man! Did just go thru a mega purge recently? It wiped out my account and I’m having a super hard time signing back up. Anyone else having that issue? I’m sure a lot of mega video links are going to become invalid

Sad thing is I had tons of videos stored only on there so that my videos don’t send up on the wrong hands and now it’s all wiped out. Have to start over again. And did t even get to share with the community here yet. Sigh


Not sure, but thats one of the reasons i back everything up in my hard drive, even that i back up once in a while…

This happened to me probably a year ago or so MEGA suspended my account indefinitely and I lost everything. It was probably because I set up a link for a video I captured and I posted it here and it got a lot of clicks so MEGA was suspicious and saw what the video was and suspended my account. All that content lost forever…

You and me both. Well over 100 videos gone, in an instant.

If anybody has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

My account got Deleted Yesterday. It wiped Out All Of my Video links to other posts As Well.

It also wiped out multiple unreleased OC and Non-OC Posts I’ve planned to release.

Some Of The Content Is lost forever.

I’m a bit bummed about it. Sigh…

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damn thats tough, i need to back up my shit asap then. Why do you think they deleted your account? Were you sharing mega links? chatting with others about candids? or they deleted it randomly with no suspicions?

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Wow, that really sucks. Sorry dudes.

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Yeah, that sucks man. Sorry to all that got their data deleted… it’s rough.

It’s similar to what the piracy community regards MEGA as - good in terms of the sheer number of free storage space, but awful for sharing anything.

MEGA is great for private storing of data, but when it comes down to sharing, MEGA is horrible. They track the amount of traffic the shared links get, as well as listen to reports from white knights (all in an effort to keep a ‘clean image’ in their post-Megaupload days).

That’s why after backing content up to my external HD, I back it up to private MEGA/Google Drive/OneDrive accounts, and don’t share anything from those accounts. I use FileLu, Bunkr, or CyberFile (a separate account) specifically for sharing links. That way, if the shared link gets taken down or the account gets suspended, it’s only that and I can re-up the video elsewhere.


From what I understand, They are now super strict on sharing links that generate a lot of traffic that are not “business-oriented” or in other words, work-friendly…

They Will terminate your accounts without a Simple Warning…
You will only find out when you try to log in, and a message pops up saying “Your account has been terminated for violating MEGA’s Community Guidelines…” blah blah blah…

That Crushed Me in a Way…Some stuff I had there I will never recover…


I pay the service monthly and I have not any troubles!!! Thanx for advice!!!

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What I have also noticed is that when A video link gets closer to or more than 1,000 clicks, it will certainly get their attention and they’ll take action without notifying you…

To Anyone Still Using MEGA As Their Prime Source For Uploading Videos Here Or Anywhere…WATCH OUT!!!


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shit…i learned my lesson the hard way then. when i’m ready to share again, i’ll just post it directly on the video platform here. No more Mega going forward.

So, I tend to do all backing up/ post processing on my phone, what’s a good filestorage app you all recommend that’s not mainstream like Box/Onedrive/Google ? Those are too integrated with my normal life. I used iDrive before but somehow, it compresses all my videos. Mega was great b/c their mobile app is so good.

I just like to shoot my material, back up all to a cloud drive first , obliterate it off my phone. then when I have time alone from prying eyes, i redownload to my phone to upload to here for sharing.

Any recommendations for a good Mega alternative with good mobile interface???

Why don’t you guys use OneDrive with the Personal Vault? That way you can use OneDrive normally and share regular stuff with other people, while your candids remain safely hidden behind the second security barrier.

so i would like onedrive, except my work also uses onedrive and i think my phone will get confused, or i get confused- just don’t want to accidently co-mingle

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pCloud and IceDrive are two relatively smaller cloud storage solutions, with decent mobile apps. They might be worth giving a shot. However, I wouldn’t use them for sharing (or else you’re likely to end up in the MEGA loop). I used IceDrive (as a test) for one of my most popular posts (the Bombshell Latina) and it got too much traffic, and IceDrive just disabled sharing for the link. They’ve proven to be great for just storing away videos, however, and I haven’t had issues with uploading it from my mobile app.

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get new videos

What do you mean?

icedrive has been working well. Thanks @JohnDonovan . For sharing, i just upload directly to video section now. well, lost some good content but time to film new ones. more to share with you all!