Mind Blowing Fake BBL 🤯🍑


MINDBLOWING BBL​:exploding_head::flushed::exploding_head: (Preview) :camera_flash::peach::trophy: Let Me Start Off By Saying This Was By Far The Biggest BBL I Have Ever Capped, She Looked Like An Ant :ant::woman_standing::ant: Words Can’t Describe How Phat Her Ass Was You Had To See This In Person It Was Massive. I Knew As Soon As I Seen Her What Had To Be Done​:smiling_imp::camera_flash::smiling_imp: She Was Unfortunately With Her Boyfriend But That Did Not Stop Me From What Needed To Be Done She Had This Tight Sports Set On So Her Leggings Were Gripping The Fuck Out Of Her BBL Which Showed Everything :eyes: The Movement Was Ridiculous​:drooling_face::drooling_face:, She Ended Up Leaving To Go To The Bathroom “ALONE” And That’s Exactly Where It Was Showtime :popcorn: :popcorn: As She Was By Herself I Was All Up On & In Her Ass Every Step Of The Way. I Got The Side, Back, Front All Angles :grin::camera_flash: I Will Say Is This Was One Of My Best Catches Just A Massive BBL​:drooling_face::peach::drooling_face:Ain’t Nobody Doing It Like This, Full Vid (3:00) 4k​:popcorn::camera_flash::trophy:


Yeah that’s phat!!
If that’s the preview, can’t wait to see the full show - damn!!


Damn that’s absurd…just how I like it :grin:


Crazy :exploding_head:

lol an ant! woow but ant queen bro! that thing is unreal! shiiiit gyaaat! can wait to the full video! really aprecciate it!


Damn!! Nice caps, that BBL is amazing!

Got to give it to you @itsassist you have some
Of the best bbl content bro. Another great cap

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Mind blown, dick blown, the whole nine yards - holy fucking shit! Thank you for the share…

Seen the full video, really enjoyed it. :fire:

That is one insanely hot booty. Thank you for sharing.

Incredibly ass

That’s fucking ridiculous, I love it

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Lol, that ass is just ridiculously absurd, but I’m still looking :joy::joy::joy:

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my type of ass big

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don’t buy from this guy, he’s not honest and don’t respect his clientele… i got receipts of his bad deals biz
he took my $ and shitted on me for days trynna be slick… crazy thing is, what i asked him for at the end was promised by him but he decided to shit on me instead

BBL Drizzy

I purchased from him and got no problems at all. Maybe a misunderstanding?


shot a load already on the preview

Wow that’s insane.