Monster Booty

And these jeans are tight! More to come…


She might be 30, thats experience!

Used to see this chick at the gym all the time, I don’t remember the hourglass figure and monster booty. Beside the obvious, the ass was huge and pics do no justice!!


So sexy

In the supermarket my dick would be throbbing at this, and I wouldn’t be able to not think about her all day

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Them hips were so wide!! And used to see them in spandex at the gym all the time!! :+1::+1:

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Can I see the gym pics of her ?

Monster ass lover me :drooling_face::drooling_face:

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Wow! What a fat ebony ass!!! I love them so much! You got a like from me! :+1:

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Thanks! She was top notch! Still looking…

Sexy ebony bbw have video? :heart_eyes:

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Not for that one, got quite a few other pics. They are kinda buried, been working on organizing 15yrs of content…I’ll need a minute

Love that big black ghetto booty stuffed in those jeans