More of my sister in law shiny leggings

Ok, many have asked so here is more of my sister in law I am in love with. These are some shots from when my wife and her went shopping and I offered to be their chauffeur, I followed her around all day in those leggings fixated on her ass. She was getting looks from every male who saw her and I gave them a yes I know look back.


Nice! I always enjoy when my sis in law goes swimming with us. I love watching when she gets out of the pool and her soft jiggly cheeks always eat up her bikini bottoms!

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Amazing stuff bro, keep getting shots of her phat ass and definitely keep sharing them with us :raised_hands:

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Delicious bro

Oh damn! A little toe to go with that wagon load of ass. SIL is hot!

Dat ass insane. Hope ur wife has a big one

Love the frontal slit shots. Great work!

wooow, I think I’m in love with her too, do you have more of her? ?:pray:t3::pray:t3::fire:

I really like it, it’s my wallpaper now :drooling_face:

Utterly incredible ebony queen!!! Does she ever wear nice tight slacks or jeans we could see? It must be so hard to be near her and stay calm. Do you think she knows you are taken by her?

She’s standing next to a display of “Lays” at the counter!

We needs sum more of her