More practice - face and ass

Why is it so hard to get a decently centered shot?? But I got the face and ass


thanks man. this was my first time getting behind someone in a line at a store. i had loads of opportunity but i was annoyed so much of it was out of the frame

Exactly! Even if it’s one of each, it’s a win in my book.

My centering is abysmal.

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Yeah, I expected by now I’d have more of a sense how to centre the subject but it remains a bit of an issue. I like the idea of slow panning, I can try that.

I’m definitely getting used to wading through lots of footage!

I’m also mixing up nose scratch with fake phone call, these should become second nature before too long. When you’re on a call you can turn in all directions which helps point it in the direction you want

Thanks man

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This forums needs more face shots … not a fan of only ass shots. But that’s just me! Great practice

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