Mouth watering gym teen ass in see through white spandex shorts, black thong?

One the best posts ive ever seem

OMG. just wow. :hot_face:

I love a Sigma Female who Ho goes to work in an amazing set of traps… And an amazingly mesmeric Phat ass… :spoon::spoon::spoon:

It really doesn’t get much better than this in the gym, or in life lol


Hard to focus on other things


The answer is yes. You can clearly see it. I thought we all established and answered that back in July 2021 no?


One of the all time greats on this site

Fantastic. Seriously, how in the name God do you not get a front shot of that?!?! Put your phone on video and hold it at your side and walk in front of her?!?! An amazing catch but with an equally horrendous fail.

I can’t believe this guy got suspended, we could have gotten a diamond vid. But nooooooo.

Yes for 3 years now we all have answered the question. Please change the title.

Easily could have just made up another account. I wouldn’t worry about it. bleebang picked up the slack then disappeared too.