MuSt See! BeSt AsS EvEr in BiKeR ShOrTs tOp tEiR hYuCk🔥💎👀

Alright this post is meant to address the clickbait problem we’re experiencing. The goal is to spread awareness and stop the problem from escalting. I know y’all don’t like it when other people trash your posts so I’ll take the backlash and ridicule. I can’t be the only one that’s been duped by a misleading post. Whenever i see a title with buzz words i picture this:

The way some of y’all use clickbait is unfathomable. I’m not mad, just disappointed. I know everyone wants their content to be seen, but these are not the lengths you need to go. Great content will be aknowledged and praised without having to stoop so low. Just take the criticism and do better next time

No disrespect to the woman shown above (she had a cute face but meh body) i just needed an example of what’s been slithering its way onto the forum.
Now the lady in front of her in line was far superior with her bubble

This will probably get deleted (i don’t care) just tired of these terrible posts. I think we all just need to use different words to describe our subjects. It might be time to dust off that thesaurus


Thank for saying this! My thoughts exactly!


I’m doing my part!!
Now everyone else join in!!


Great shots btw!!
Pink booty looking meaty!!


In fairness I completely agree, I also don’t think people should get but hurt about others using the same titles as them? Like who gives a shit? Also these aren’t higher quality shots… granted these are better than just straight blur but it’s also the fact that some people have different tastes. I for one don’t like huge asses.


we get enough clickbait on the web. we don’t need that here in this respite of candid beauties.

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i have to admit that i clicked on this just to see if it was truly a must see and almost said something but i went back to look at the title before hand and noticed what you said… the must see shit drives me nuts and rarely gets love from me if it is not truly must see…

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For me a descriptive title is all that’s needed really, not a hard sell. I’ll either be interested in the type of subject or I won’t.

For my own posts, I will occasionally use emojis or certain words but overall I’m not fussed either way. It’s nice to be appreciated for my shots but I don’t care about being in competition with other users on here.

If you look at the most popular topics of all time on here, only a handful have the clickbait-style subjects.

Neither of those are amazing but pink pants is fat, man. Not my thing.