My girlfriend caught me recording

They treated me as stupid for giving that advice.

Don’t forget that we all have sexual desires for other people, women too.

I was at the mall with my girl yesterday and I saw the nicest ass ever working. I tucked my pride. Don’t play where you eat. That’s top 5 in the rule book


I am really sorry for what happened snd to hear that bro , try yo fix it with her what ever it takes , ( candid is available every day and every time , the love is not available every day and it takes while to find some one love you truly , family and love is not an easy thing to risk ) remeber that , i wish that every thing be ok with her , i am really sad for you


So after she caught me obviously I heard it from her and she called me and my cousin perverts and I kept the same story line that she had mentioned that I took the video to send it to my cousin and now she is pissed at him and me of course. And he had nothing to do with it to be honest. After spending a long day together at the casino and eating food, she got over it? Didn’t mention anymore thank god

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Did you slap skins with the mom bro? Ultimate savage move if you did. U gonna post the caps of her too on here ? lol

You so this while out with your gf? You might have a serious problem with self control

Women can’t handle the truth. Thats a sucka move! They aren’t telling us everything they do

While she quickly went to look for something I grabbed my phone and took pictures quickly… then got caught by her red handed

youve been dating her for 10 years ?