My Hot Beauty Queen In Shorts


wtf is up with chicks wearing shorts/jeans that go all the way up their fckin torso to the point they tuck up under that tits?? what the fck happen to low rise??


oh and good shots too…

Great crotch shots! Excellent job-thanks!

Imo these high rise get the crotch and ass pretty highlighted, low rise can still manage to hide the bubble


Sweet cleavage and pretty unmasked face, strange shorts rolled up for a little front cheek peek but way up above the waist

I like her outfit very much, maybe because i felt in love with here <3

Looks depressed. Hump er harder

I miss the low rise with the whale tail poking out the back.

me too… i used to drool over the girls wearing those back in college… they are one of the reasons i about failed out and had to bust ass 6 semesters to get my gpa back up… well worth it…

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Love her, she’s not too dolled up but her simple looks are fantastic.

Amazing how close you got to her. Sensational work! Many thanks buddy!

Those legs :heart_eyes:

Very sexy babe! Definately worth falling in love with :smiley:
Stunning all over, but the pic of her boobs and crotch is an heroic effort! Thanks!
And it even looked like some cameltoe action when she walked away, super!

great job, nice tits and face.