My swansong (Asian)

This topic will be my swansong, a final topic by me where I will post some of my decent recent (not best) works. Since joining the forum for about 1.5months, I realised that my topics are subpar and wouldnt survive in this community, and i dont want to waste the bandwidth of posting contents here anymore.

I would say it is mainly due to two things: 1) Being from an asian country, most of the subjects are slim and less curvy e.g. small ass and tits. The community here seem to prefer thicc one and i do like them too those big ass and huge tits. But due to the limitations from where i am, i sadly could not deliver. 2) I prefer face shots and tits shots, not really fond of capping asses and it again could be due to the lack to big asses here.

I believe my shooting techniques are of a very good standard that i can get superior angles and closeups. Just that I lack the subjects suitable for this community and perhaps my choice of subjects are also not suitable for this community. After this topic, I will not be opening anymore, this will be my last, and for the minority who enjoy my contents please take this last chance until i find another platform where my contents will be appreciated. I won’t be missed


I think it’s great content! But I do agree that this place prefers larger asses. If people with your interest stop posting then the site will be very one-sided. I think it’s good to continue posting. Not everyone that likes face shots or slim bodies, are liking and commenting on posts. So for every like and view, maybe you’re actually getting 4 times more


Posting it just to have it taken down a few hours later, with the hard work and risk i put in to post. I think it will be better if i find another platform that appreciates these asians


Slim asians with big boobs, basically my ultimate fantasy. I think your work is great!

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Being in a country where encountering skimpy dressed ladies are rare and big boobs rarer. Only once in a long time then will i have the opportunity to snipe em sexy big titties


Honestly I don’t understand why people don’t appreciate this. I for one appreciate Asian women, they are beautiful imo and I love seeing these types of photos.


I am a big fan of your work. It’s exactly the content I’m excited to see on this forum. Thanks for sharing this great quality content. I will do my best to like and comment each time.

Is there someone who know where this kind of content could be share and appreciate ? There is imagefap, but somethimes too much content of everything… Because it’s a shame if this content got deleted or not enough loved.

Please share the new platform if you find one

I like Asian girls a lot. Many of these pics are great. Especially real Asian women not you know the American Asian kind


Some of us do. But just that most of this community prefer curvy ladies and perhaps fond asian girls too straight or flat, which they are really inferior in the assets department to be fair


Hi, thanks for supporting and appearing in nearly all of my topic. I wish i could share further, but just not here anymore

I too am a big fan of sexy latinas, and i guess asian chicks do fall short of that size and proportions

I am aware of a forum from my country which people do share such contents. But its a general “horny men” forum, not exactly a community of snipers

I do too. Though once in a while i do find american born asians sexy esp when they wanna conquer big white/black pole, yet for most of the time authentic asians have its own unique pulling factor

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Some awesome caps. I dig the flavor you offer, thanks.

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Such a shame these beautiful girls hide their faces with masks :mask: :cry:

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I know these were some attractive women and authentic asians

Disagree. Many of us (me included) love the small t&a. And a lot of us (me included) love Asian women.


Loving big asian tits!