My tips for a Creepshot Bag (Good for upshot angles and butts)

Hi guys, i’ve had a few requests in regards to how i constructed the bag i use to get those nice low angles of butts etc. Well here it is. I’ve tried to explain it as best as i can and i’ll include some pictures :slight_smile:


1 - Use a notebook or something similar to place the phone on as a foundation. It’s best if the notebook is quite thick.

2 - Superglue items such as rubbers either side of the phone on the notebook to keep it place and to stop it moving around. Don’t place the rubbers TOO close to the phone so that the phone can easily be inserted and removed. ADDITIONAL: I also use a thin piece of rubber at the head of the phone too. I’m not sure this is even necessary as the phone head is resting against the bag anyway, but i still use it regardless.

3 - Additionally (but not essential), superglue a thick piece of material across the bottom-ish end of the phone to further prevent it from slipping forward. I used a strip cut from a hard material notebook. Superglue it to the rubbers either side of the phone.

4 - A special cover now needs to be placed over the phone with a hole for the lens so that it can be glued to the inside of the bag. It’s your choice if you want to use the front lens or back lens. Work out where the hole should be cut into the cover (I use a piece of black card, much better to use than normal paper which is a bit flimsy and not as tough). Once done, superglue it to the rubbers either side.

5 - Now place the notebook into the bag of your choice. If you have a black phone, it’s best to use a black bag so it blends in. Put something in the back end of the bag to prop your notebook up at a downwards slanted angle so the lens is pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle. I use a thick jumper. It’s also useful at weighing the bag down so that it doesn’t spin around if you’re walking fast or knock it against your leg or if the wind is blowing it around etc.

6 - Slightly tricky part. Superglue the black card cover to the inside of the bag. Superglue as much of the area around the lens as you can, pressing down firmly and leave it to dry in place. Obviously don’t have the phone in the bag at this time in case superglue gets on the lens!

7 - Another tricky part but the final bit. With the phone taken out, locate where the hole is for the camera lens. Now you need to cut it out. I find the best method is to use a sharp knitting needle and to poke a hole in each of the 4 corners of the hole. Then I finish the rest by using scissors.


To further camouflage the notebook, use a black marker to colour in the rubbers and any other features so it’s less visible to people if they were to look inside the bag. It’s more effective if everything inside the bag matches the actual colour of the bag.

Hope this helps!


Whether it works or not, whether it’s useful or not, it’s a piece of detailed work. Full description and visual layout, Thats ten times better thank general and vague setup tips. :+1:


Thank you :) I’ve tried explaining it breifly in my DMs before without pictures and people just understandably end up getting confused haha.


Wow thanks for the tip. How about a Fanny pack?
Been thinking about using a Fanny pack but don’t know how to approach it

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Thanks for the tips I’ve been looking into making something similar for a while :):)


I’ve been thinking of making similiar too but i don’t have anything made as of yet. Would be good for all those level-with-butt type shots. Something like this seems like a good item for that type of thing but with a less flashy design:

Making a hole for the lens seems like it may be difficult though. Cutting through that fabric might look a bit scrappy as opposed to a plastic bag.


Very nice much appreciated

im tring to achieve these shots too, with my phone, or action cam. ive made a bag with a hole, but i dont really understand the innards of this , even though you made a detailed explanataion! (im so sorry) is that cutout piece around the cam juts to hide the other cams on the phone, and that gets taped to inside of the bag, and tehn the phone just rests in there, how do i achieve the 45 degree properly. any chance u have photos of inside bag? DM is fine. i can reply wtih photos of my ideas.

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I’m wondering the same things bro, I think he just uses a hoodie or summing to prop the phone up inside the bag from my understanding. But same with @acidlover53 I’d love a DM for more info bro

Getting the inside part right is so hard imo!

still trying to understand this myself.

interestingly, i think we have the same phone lol

Did you get the information?

You talk about that bag?

Your link in broken

i understand every step except for the superglue the black card cover ( the cutout where the lens is i assume the black card) to the bag, so when thats glued , the card / notebook and lens would be sitting “flush” with the bags side, then once you cut a hole so the lens pokes flush, wouldnt it be facing directly forwards, even if you stuck stuff in he back of the bag to weight it down and make the hole point on a 45 degree upwards, still, the notebook would sit flush against the bag?? i dont get how the phone gets angled up thru the hole. thats my only issue.

i tried building this again today but got super glue everywehre inthe bag and mine doesnt have the appearnce of yours where its an open bag, mines nmore like a flat obvous notebook where i glued the black card.

additionally i notice your hole is like at the “Front” of the bag (as in when holding it normally) so its on the side next to the seam, i cant get my appearanec of my bag to look lik eyours , its just a flat square coz of the notebook?

finally, is the notebook leaning on the jacket, can you remove the jacket and replace it or do you keep it inside?

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This is my attempt at it I basically follows your guide to the book even did a walk through my house to make sure the angle is right every thing about it is perfect except, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious asf but I never really cared to much when recording in general so. If you have any tips to make it look less sus please give ‘em to me

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similar result here but on side of bag rather then front (when walking) like urs, notebook was too obvious in mine etc

I think is obvious to you because you know is there but people aren’t usually looking at bags and wondering whether they have cameras or not. You did great mate. Now test it in the field. Crowded places are better tbh


sharpie the rough edge where you have cut the bag, obvs black. This is what ive done with my bag cam and it works amazing. very low sus levels and even better angles.