Need some advice (not candid related)

Alright men, I’m 99.9% sure mostly everyone of this site is a guy. With that being one of my managers literally wants me in her guts but I have a girlfriend.

The thing is she’s hotter than my girlfriend lol. She’s 28 and I’m 21. She has these great blowjob lips, nice hips, and big round juicy ass. I would literally blow her back out but idk lol.

With that being said, the men that have cheated. Have you been caught? If not what did you do to not leave any evidence or make anything suspicious? I really don’t want to back out this moment because she’s a good 9/10.

Let me know men. All opinions are welcomed.

SIDENOTE: I have strong feelings for my girlfriend been dating for 9 months. But I’m a guy and we all know that its human nature to you know share my DNA with other women. So that at times takes affect


dont let that biology arugment about us guys/men make you irrational - its a weak short sighted instant gratification framed caveman argument in my opinion me personally i try to stay away from work temptations like that workplace drama like that is hard to disassociate your reputation from and it follows you for a long time. Some playful light flirting maybe MAYBE even then thats still playing with fire. These girls know how to use the internet too dawg. Try to think long term beyond your current job, jobs are getting harder and harder to get now at all levels believe it or not and you dont know how long youll be staying at one even with a plan you may or may not have for it

My 2 cents


No yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from. It makes sense and honestly man I not trying to be yk a douche or anything but my co-workers and mangers flirting with me isn’t anything new. But I think the reason why this one has me thinking is she wanted me before I got with my current girlfriend.

terrible idea

MAYBE some light playful banter semi flirting MAYBE still have to be careful


No yeah i haven’t folded yet yk. But man I wish I could record the shit she be doing lol. She deadass pulls up her tight pants in front of me, grabs my arms whenever speaking to me, even at times I feel like she wants to make sure I’m checking her out.

Forget all this… why aren’t u posting pics of this “hot” girl?


Lmaooo broooo I don’t have the confidence to get some shots lmao. I work at a grocery store and idk I feel like people are always watching lol. I’ve tried to capture her fat ass. But I’m scared of her catching me lol. She is a manager so idk how she would feel😂

But either way since she wanna be a slut so bad. Ima get some pics for you guys. Nice lightskin latina


You’re 21 not 31 bro. Do it and fuck her brains out just don’t tell anyone and you’ll be fine (and I mean anyone)


Honestly is she’s feeling you and wants you in her guts then just go for it, at my old job this Russian milf who was super fit and had the best body I came across was giving me hints she wants me in her guts. On day after work we met up and we started making out and that led being in her guts in her tight milf cat. Mind you I also had a gf and she was married with 2 kids but I couldn’t pass up on the oppurtunity. It went on for about 1 month basically everyday after work 2-3 rounds. But honestly just go for it, try the older pussy my guy.

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I need a visual to know what to tell you.


100% do it. I promise you that you will eventually regret not doing it. do it and have fun, be lowkey and enjoy

At least get some creepshots man… you’re too afraid to do that but you’ll fuck another girl behind your SO’s back? Come on…


Don’t cheat, don’t be a piece of shit man.


Just do her.

Angle for 3way


I swear I come to this forum to bust a nut and move on with my day, usually expecting misogynistic “She deserves it if she’s wearing it/women are sex slaves that must fulfill every need of ours.” type comments only to find intelligent comments like yours. Good comment fr bro. Makes me realize there’s a lot of normal people on here just tryna bust a nut. Faith in humanity restored :pray:


Ask yourself this. How would you feel if another dude had sex with your girlfriend and shot his semen all inside her vagina? His cum would be dripping out of her for the next few hours. The other guy got that satisfaction of being inside YOUR girlfriend, feeling her warm vagina, extremely intimate, and in that moment her mind was on him and not you. Does that make you jealous? Then don’t cheat.

Whenever I have temptations like these I just jerk off, sometimes to the girls pics. Then I reevaluate my temptations during that ‘post-nut clarity’ we all get. Good luck bro.


Nahhh.Don’t do it bro that will haunt you for the rest of your life and even though what we doing here ain’t better,Attaching yourself to someone at work can cause damage beyond your perverseness.Why? I did it TWICE and for one the desire was more satisfying than actually committing the crime.And the second time I didn’t even finish,I just looked into girls eyes and said “I can’t do this” left.Long story short my girl caught convos on my phone and beat my ass with a steamer.LOL and also it’s harder to keep that secret if your are your girl start getting closer and the relationship Matures.You might even start to questioning still candid shooting! :man_shrugging: Who knows but I wouldnt do bro.Let it pass


I dont care if some little teenager wants to look at me like a simp or some shit but if your girl is under the impression that you two are exclusive and love each other and are monogamous domt be a douch and go behind ger back and disrespect her like that. What of you found out she was letting some dude at her work dick her down while having you think she was yours. Be a decent human if you really need to bang another chick be honest tell your girl and go from there


If you plan on cuffing dont do it. If shes just a pit stop then by all means