Need some honest opinions

Are any of yall genuinely worried about your identity being exposed or caught? I have a post I’m sure yall have seen that has been getting a lot of attention. Any of you ever worried about maybe someone on the site that knows the girl somehow or whatever scenario?

Let me know.


Chances are very minimal, we wont snitch on eachother and by the time someone outside sees video and shows/knows the person capped its probably to late to do anything about it


You’re good, i wouldn’t worry about that. Its retirement caliber anyway lol


I’ve already talked to someone on here because I realized we went to the same gym. I think he was spooked because I told him I saw him taking candids and knew what he looked like. I would obviously never out him because I do the same thing and would not want someone to do that to me. I just thought it was interesting we both shoot in the same area and had similar taste in girls. It also made me even more aware of my surroundings.


Less then 1% chance of a girl finding her own candid in the wild.


Is this from that incredible post? I shouldn’t be worried Either. I’m Certain That no one here or elsewhere has gotten The girls you’ve capped so far.
Girls that I’ve capped I’ve only seen them once and no one in the forum has claimed they know them. It depends on what place, for example, a closed social place like a gym, the risk is higher there.

The girls themselves can’t do much but acknowledge they were looking good on that day of the cap. They are simply asking for attention from anyone by simply looking with their eyes at the minimum. Only a Few have the guts and glory to record them.

If you come across another shooter(s) here that are from your neck of the woods, They’ll recognize the number of times they’ve been in that location.
If they happened to recognize a post where they saw a guy (meaning you for instance) acting in a way that proves they were capping, they’ll more than likely acknowledge that moment than bash you, unless they were trying to do the same.

Hope it made sense.

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I believe that your question would be more attributable depending on the location where the capture is carried out, places such as work, gym or some environment that is frequented daily, I think it is more risky, now places in the central zone or places frequented randomly I think it is a safer option and viable, I see no reason for anyone on the forum to report each other, and I always think it’s smarter to post older content and as time goes by, we post the most recent ones…

if they know the gorl that would be bombastic so we coul d get her name but even fi they knew her it wouldnt matter only way you could possibly get exposed or caught is if you talked to them and or gave your info. if not literally nothing they could do

Maybe you can search this new post at the Forum, “PYT Latina peach Mom caught me but that didn’t stop me”, and ponder yourself the questions you asked us—the guy claimed he also posted on Tumblr; But Tumblr does have a tendency to erase accounts they deem with content not fitting their taste without any warning…so don’t be surprised if you can’t locate his Tumblr or “Looks like this Tumblr account is ghost.”

Well, regarding your story, I can think of 2 alternative scenarios—

(1) You were straightforward to him and won’t report him at all, but what if you took candids and so was another guy, but that another guy played the white knight and reported you instead?

(2) Sometimes the only way to find out whether any user happens to be living in the same area as you do would be either the surroundings(like streets, landmarks, stores, malls, or even buses, trains, subways) or the people—for me, it happens to be the former, because when I checked another guy’s topics a few times before, I noticed the surroundings looked very familiar, and I realized this other guy lived in the same area as me…

On the 1st question, I’d say yes, because the risks are real, and so are the consequences. On the 2nd one, well, I def don’t know the girl, so rest assured that I won’t rat on you.

At another forum I visited also frequently, there were far more that kind of topics with BUSTED and even a few had to write a topic asking about or chronicling the experience of getting busted or really caught(by security or police) and this and that…

Right now, you know, low profile, change your outfit, and visit another place(don’t visit the same place too often), and wear a mask if needs be…

damn ur replies are always so in depth r u a journalist hahaha

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That never happened to me

I have a related question:
is anyone worried about being “outed” by a subject or bystander? Especially if they get a picture or video of the shooter , and make a creeper Tiktok

Sorry I didn’t mean to take away from your topic. I can repost in a new topic if preferred

I wear clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear in public when I go out and cap.

I also drive usually an hour or so to different cities so that there’s as small of a chance as possible that I run into someone I know.

Lastly, I try to post a minimum of 30 days after the date from which I recorded the video because most businesses wipe their video storage after 30 days.

I’ve also thought about buying a wig and some thick-rimmed glasses to wear because there’s still the threat of being filmed back and blasted on TikTok.

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