New category: Stockings, Pantyhose, Nylons

In some other places its usually bundled with tights, but some have it as its own category. I’m sure there’s pantyhose lovers here.




I’m not sure what this category looked like on other sites. You see there were no responses really

It’s simple. Candid ladies on street wearing skirts with stockings/pantyhose. Can be office ladies, banker ladies, stewardess… I think there must be also hihg heels lovers. For example, category can contain ladies wearing skirts with stockings/pantyhose and heels.

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I understand. There is the fact of paying for this server, ultimately on the owner.

I do not know what other sites found useful, I understand the request. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. In fact I use ‘skirt beef’ as my file naming convention

Yeah, like that, the site owner doesn’t have to do it. Twas just a suggestion.

I want to bump this request.
I got so many pantyhose content that i want to share here.
Since there is no more place/forum for that content it could maybe increase visitors too…
Can you think about that idea?
Thanks admins @Taylor_Swift


Don’t know about such a specific category that couldn’t be just included under skirts & dresses as seen elsewhere