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So I have been in a relationship for a while now, and havent done a lot of new content. But I am really interested in getting back into it. My issue is always time, its not like ass is just hanging out for everyone to see where I’m from. Plus i have to contend with the winter season. Does anyone have any particularly good ways of getting shots. Lines are always good, and I’m aware of Target/Gyms. I guess I’m looking for ways to do this with as little effort as possible. But still want to offer you guys quality content as per my previous work. I also apologize for the loss of my mega files, it was unfortunate, but I’m sure I can create that amount of content again in a years time. Averaging two or three vids a week.


Depending on how old you look college is always the best place! Never to late to get that degree. :wink:



I feel ya. I got the same concerns and additional priorities. Take what I can get, do what I can. I take 10x more content than I post, I post what I can, editing the videos is rough at times. I have 3-4 waiting to be posted but I keep finding more editing required. Just participate when you can is all I can say.

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Always be prepared to capture. You never know when an opportunity will walk past