New here

yo, i want to post some stuff i got but i cant get over these first post jitters. how’d yall get over them


Literally crop to where she is center of pic, Enhance the image to near clear & Say something sexy about her & we shall determine if she worthy or not :woman_with_probing_cane:


Your 1st post had questionable -18 subjects. Please keep ALL subjects over 18 and fallow all rules when posting. Thanks


no need for jitters my guy just post what you liked and you’ll find like-minded individuals. just dont post some 140p pixel pics and try n cap as much as you can

definitely this too

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Wait 3-4 weeks, you dont have to post face shots

I saw a search engine that lets people find their face in pics online using AI, so maybe face shots in general are not such a good idea these days. Which sucks because we love to see them


Really, post a link. I can’t see this being real.

What’s it called?

very interesting .