New to this. Want to get better

Just curious. any advice on what people use to get their shots would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to this. So far the best shot I got was of my niece. Thank you in advance.

phone and be discrete

i have a samsung note 10+… the S-pen works as a remote to fully control all the functions of the camera… zoom, change modes, etc BUTT, its so big i feel like everyone can see my screen clearly even with brightness down… i have a few ill share soon… have to round then up and do a tad bit of editing first… any ideas on how i can take more and shake the paranoia??

Download CameraZoom. Spy mode lets you take pics whenever you tap the screen.

Download Background Video Recorder. Continues recording even when the screen is off and locked, on a call or even if you are actively on another app.

Turn down the ringer volume, then double press side button to hurry up camera mode. Then use volume button to take pictures.

what i have been doing is turning screen all the way down with camera already rolljng but paused and putting it in my bib coveralls top chest pocket… my camera lens sticks up way further that

Which camera zoom? A few are named that

Camera Zoom FX by androidslide

No no no… Turn the volume off… dbl press the button on the right of your phone… then use volume button to take pictures