Nice Fat Bubble Butt in Tight Blue Lulu Leggings

She was baby sitting that’s why there’s so much cropped out … but you still get a good look at that bubble ass !! A little horse facey but idgaf if im able to get behind that beautiful sight …


I will want the sitting part of her for sure :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: Great ass and great girl looks! Good catch!

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Holy crap that is an amazingly perfect ass. I would have had no choice but to walk behind her and feel that ass to. Would have been to hard to resist!!!

Hellyeah … this is all i got to say​:nose::nose::nose:

What a gorgeous ass!

That fantastic ass deserves Lululemons! She looks so sexy dressed like that. Amazing catches - thanks for sharing.

Wow that ass is in charge
I’ll do whatever it says :grin:

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When you said horsefacey you REALLY meant horsefacey😭
That ass is definitely a fatty tho whew😫

She isn’t ugly at all, I’d totally nail her, many times!!!

I need a babysitter