Nice Figured Phatty🍑

PREVIEW :peach:

This Was Too Easy She Let Me And Another Shooter Rock For Miles, Got Hella Footage Of This Phat Green Juicy Ass I Couldn’t Determine If This Was A BBL Or Not :man_shrugging:, She Didn’t Care That We Was All In Her Ass Recording :camera_flash::peach: I’m Pretty She Loved It She Kept Pulling Up Her Pants And She Was Walking Very Far Behind Her Friends So That Way We Could Get Good Footage​:smirk:. She Even Glanced And Looked At Both Of Our Cameras And Never Said A Word, Gotta Love The Ones Who Just Let You Do You :drooling_face::fire::fire:


Damn! Nice

She definitely paid money for that ass :joy::joy:

I ain’t complaining though

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Oh that lpoks like a bbl for sure
A good one though

Big ol round ass :drooling_face:



Oh Yes!

Wow what a cap……that ass is insane……those leggings show it off perfectly :+1:t2:

Dayum, two guys capping her and she didn’t even care?! Crazy… thx for sharing

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Bbl bubble

She definitely has a fat ass great cap