No Bull$h1T, No Lies, No Disappointment


You weren’t lying. lol amazing catch here.


It’s alright.


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Alright then show some OC that’s better.

Had to delete some pics as they showed the minor.


Sure if you can even come up with the money to pay me first.

Cute face nice ass no fake plastic big ass latina just pure enjoyable 100% real girl right here

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Amazing work. NO bull$hit😄

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Are you paying anyone here for there OC that you jerk it too?

Anyone can choose whether or not they want there content to be free…

Except you. You have nothing worth paying for.

What? No really?? Consider yourself lucky then you got “alright” for free! Right? Tell me something else I know and then come at me like I’m trying to sell something………:rofl:

You should take opinions and criticism as it is, don’t get your panties in a bunch cause I didn’t like your post. There’s plenty of low-intellectuals that liked the mid that you push out. I sugarcoated as much as I could.

Could have been worse.

Stay blessed :innocent:

This girl is, for me, so hot in those red leggings. No question about it. She has an amazing figure and those red leggings show it off so perfectly. I love the fact that she has pulled white socks over the leggings too - that always gets me. You got some awesome angles - especially the ones from straight behind when she is leaning forwards. Top work - thank you so much for sharing with us.

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She looks like she lived hard, but that ass is nice!

LOL you’re a real intellectual, aren’t you?

The issue is you criticize, but contribute nothing. Why else would your profile be blocked? You want to criticize everyone else’s OC, but have nothing of your own.

I can show you contributions if you show me money.

If your broke just say that man, don’t waste my time.


I could buy and sell you any day of the week, and that is a fact! Unlike the bull$h1t that comes out of your mouth trying to make yourself sound intelligent. Where would you like me to send my money to genius?