Non-Original captures

Can we start banning people who are posting content that is not their own? Within the forum’s rules it warns against this act. We can easily find sexy candids off the internet with little to no effort.

It is a disappointment to see people post these kinds of posts, while guys like me takes risks in-field to share our captures.


i’m ok with people posting non OC as they put on title that is NON OC.


These posts can be found online easily. The rules warn against this.

Think of it this way. Imagine a top-notch forum, streamlined with pure original content from active in-field shooters.


Maybe banning is a bit strong. How about a category for web finds. Non- OC stuff should only go there. When someone posts non - OC to regular threads - whether they and “Non - OC” or not, they should be asked to remove the post, or to repost it to the Non OC thread or category. Maybe?


Yesss a much better way to go about this. Great idea.

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It’ll be up to the moderators/owner of this site. :crossed_fingers:


Somebody call Taylor Swift!


I agree with this idea would deff make sorting things out much easier and sorting out the top shooters easier that combined with the 10 like minimum in 24h lots of benefits

Thotch said it best

Itll even show who can pick out the best non OC content even more benefits

Posting Rules:

  1. Must be in Public
  2. Must be over 18
  3. No filming under clothes (including skirts)
  4. No advertising
  5. No identifiable information (social media names etc)

Low quality posts may be removed or rejected.

These are the posting rules. Stop spamming with this.


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