(not oc) the yellow one It's just amazing


Nice. Do you also have the vid for the one in black :fire:


Wow!!! Sexy ass yellow outfit

Black and red on another level

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Amazing…. Great work

Great clip. Love her legs

Right. The yellow one is just amazing. The video is awesome - didn’t expect this extreme jiggle by just looking at the pics. Great!

Find the original video for this video and post it @papa21


that side view is killer bro! Nice caps!

Broo no way that ass looked crazy in the video :heart_eyes: Hopefully someone can find it

I have the full girl in yellow video, I will post it if you post the video for the one in black🫶🏽


I have the full video for the girl in yellow and ill post it if someone posts the video for the girl in black. She bad af lol

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I don’t have a video of either but I’ll post a thank you note if you both post your videos :joy:

Second girl has bodyyy. The yellow girl clip should be put in a museum would’ve had me going nuts. Anyone have a hd clip? all the ones I’ve seen have been really blurry