Not the best catch but, always get caught on drive by’s

99% of the time on drive by’s I get caught, they look right back at me as I’m driving by slowly. Do you all have the same issue? Although I do love when they look back.


I feel like if you just got a dashboard mount for your phone and recorded in wide view you’d never get caught.


I would be REALLY careful with that. If someone reports you for driving around and taking photos of them, they can easily grab your plates and if enough reports come in, the cops will knock on your door because they may suspect you’re scoping someone out to abduct them.

It’s dark but not a crazy conclusion for someone to jump to. Slowing down likely makes it even creepier (and easier for them to get your plates).


Very true.

Stop getting caught. There is no reason to get caught. Hands-free = caught-free!

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