Oblivious Pawg on Treadmill 😩🍑

Daaaaamn that ass bro!! What a catch. These treadmill video’s are too good and finaly someone catched a phat ass walking. Hopefully you’re willing to share the video

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That ass is seriously special and she knows it - she is showing it off properly in those leggings and has made sure that her top is rolled up to get that ass out fully. We love that! Amazing curves and super sexy legs as well -s he is definitely fit! Love the way that seam is buried deep in that ass crack, helping to show off those cheeks. Amazing caps - thanks so much for sharing with us.


Perfect shape


Appreciate the video. Saw a mature PAWG wearing those same leggings at the gym the other day and havent stopped thinking about her


A much anticipated upload! Can’t wait to enjoy!

Daaaamn this video is so goood!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!

Damn awesome shots! Shes sexy!

Seeing the words ‘Pawg’ and ‘Treadmill’ automatically wake my mans up!

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Ur amazing

bro one of the best caps on here. If I saw her, I would literally film her ass and not care if she or anybody saw.

Amazing post and great video!

her body is incredible

Will forever have this video saved :heart_eyes: