[oc] 1st post, thick polish with big ass

Amazing! Just my type of Milf… thank you for sharing with us!

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She left me with absolutely no choice. That ass was humongous


Great job Wow Beautiful thanks for sharing

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Please vid perfect up thanks


Would be a dream woman to have on my arm

What an incredible find

Got to be ine of my favourites ever on here in terms of my taste in women

She’s epic beyond proportion, and speaking of propertion, her proportions are absolutely insane


Fuck now that’s a juicy booty

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Any vid bro?

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Holy shet


Holy shit dude, now that’s what you call thick. Her ass cheeks are huge thanks for sharing. Do you have a video?

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Any vid bro OMG!!

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Wow!!! Amazing!!! Thank you!!! Please post the video!!! Thank you again!!!

She’s got the face only her dad could love, but that doesn’t matter because you don’t look at the mantel piece when you stoke the fire. Her ass makes up for her heinous face.

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wow her ass is amazing . if anyone else loves her type of body and wants to discuss . dm me

I def wanna talk ant this and find more

She needs a residency at Poundtown

Sluts like this know exactly why they wear that. LIVE for the attention and know every guy is gunna stare and talk about that amazing fat ass to their friends.

Holy fucking shit this is the true definition of what an actual PAWG is, god tier cap TY sir!!! Please bless us with the video if you have!

plsss upload vidddd

Holy shhhhi… :scream: :drooling_face: :heart_eyes: :drooling_face: :scream: that ass is too much for my small dick :V :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: