(OC) brunette in black thong tanning & getting oiled up

Ass so nice I had to take a couple laps


Nice girls but doesn’t seem very candid if she’s posing like that

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How’s she posing?

Any more of the 2nd girl?

No posing at all

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We need more of such stuff man, amazing :heart_eyes:

Maybe “posing” is the wrong word, but these look more like someone’s holiday snaps rather than candids…

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Nah…it definitely doesn’t look like a set up.

It’s not unusual for the shooter to try to talk to his subject.

Thank you haha, nothing about this was staged

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Not posing at all actually! I would send the video if I could but the forum isn’t letting me. It was a walk by and one of the girls looked up and maybe caught me, swear to god

Hell no she is loving that shit bro they both are lovin it dirty sluts

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