(OC) college girls at lunch and dinner + 2 mini vids, part 3

Managed to get this maroon-haired baddie (possible VPL and cameltoe shots?!)


Mediafire this time since I ran out of space on MEGA

Booty cheeks

Is this another VPL? :joy::fire:

The rest

Well guys, it’s summer break so I won’t have any more college content until August


Great group of fuck meat


The first one is amazing. She’s gorgeous.


100%. She’s probably the hottest girl here imo

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Appreciate alll your content, have a good summer!

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Thank you man, I really appreciate that! I hope your summer’s good as well

You bring the best college content! Thanks for sharing

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Great set

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First girl … the way she moves. She knows all eyes are on her

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Lovely caps :heart_eyes:

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The first girl is hot as all hell. Thank you for the vids.

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Thank you good sir!! Very nice vpl on first girl

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Incredible! Well done sir!

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Which bitch would you most want to fuck

They are all average looking or ugly but with nice bodies. That’s exactly why we all remember college girls being so hot…they were not fat and had youth. Their looks weren’t actually good though.

When i got older and one day pulled out the yearbook…looked at the hottest girls i knew. They mostly looked slightly above average looking or average in the face. Some were not even that they looked kinda ugly.

The yearbook doesnt have asshots lol…so looking at just their faces they mostly arent beautiful. Most are average looking

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