(oc) DUMPTRUCK ASS pawg coworker in TIGHT jeans w/ closeups PT2 must see!

Thank you

ik man wtf we’ll get it tho


So amazing. What a big thick ass - I would give all 225 likes and more if I could.

love thickness, great work mate. i’d be at work everyday

That’s a great example of thickness. Thanks for sharing.

thanks man hoping one day we’ll see that ass in leggings :heart_eyes:

ofc bro glad you enjoyed !

Bro send it. Get her info i will pay

Leggings??? Nah that would ruin a well defined shape… She should never take those jeans off! We are making progress though! 196 likes! Only 29 left! :partying_face:

yeah true the jeans do make her ass look stunning but imagine her with a vpl in leggings brooo🤤

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a squatting shot of hers would be elite :heart_eyes:

I almost got a squatting shot but didn’t get her ass in the frame it sucked but I have better ones that would be available in pt2 of her in these jeans :yum:

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Only 7 more likes left! We are almost at part 2! It’s my birthday today too! You should release it a little earlier for my viewing pleasure! :innocent:

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I appreciate all the support I will be posting the pt 2 now and happy birthday bro!!

Bust to this today

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Shes bangin

glad you enjoyed her

You got any video footage of this beauty bro?