(oc) SEXY THICK COLLEGE GIRL in tight shorts PT 2!

we’re almost there :))

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THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN ALL WEEKENDD I LOVE IT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN ALL month :raised_hands:

lol yeah I do tints are a life hack frfr

NR 200 bring me that ass :heart:

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omg those gifs :heart_eyes:

unreal. wanted my face and nose in there

Please do it bro, I’m in love with her

Wow - part 1 in the blue Nike spandex shorts was exciting, but part 2 in those shiny super tight shorts and without the backpack is mind-blowing! You must really look forward to catching up with her to see what she is wearing next! She is a hot babe and she is really showing off her gorgeous body so well. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I know man such a tight girl I think she is middle eastern as well :heart_eyes:

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cant wait for the video

Jesus bro. She’s absolutely perfect. I legit would have followed her until the police came haha.

thanks man it did take me some time to make them wanted to make sure it was perfect!

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Amazing stealth work. Wow!

thank you bro she was really a gem and put on a great show I have more of her in a different outfit that will be out soon !

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you’re a god among men you know that?

Wow! A fantastic catch!

wow she is hot!

thank you bro she is beautiful !!