OMG Definitely a Nut Buster

OMG!!! One of 3 great caps this day.
And to say I was pissed off going to the mall at the start. I was happy being home watching the game on TV when my GF says “let’s go to the mall babe…”
Had to say yes to get some later…
But a few minutes of being insde the mall, there were culos everywhere. And didn’t want to let you guys down. I did the old “oh man, i forgot my wallet in the car babe - i’ll catch up with you later at so-so store…”
Gave me a chance to cap a few sexy culos.
here’s the first…let me know if you want to see the rest and videos.


Few more…didn’t know there was a limit to # of pics one can post

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Good shit man !



Here’s a few more of this sexy girl


What’s going on with the face on the lady on the right? :flushed:


Great set bro :clap:t3::clap:t3:

This video is gonna be :fire::fire::fire:

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I want to see!

My man, you are a legend for that lmao. Good pics

Possible faceshot of her what an ass thx

I think his phone is one of the ones that use AI '“enhancement” in the camera

amazing ass

VIDEO please

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Jeez, she for sure is a certified nutbuster, what a banging cap.
Heck, i would love to see more of her, be it pictures, videos whatever you have of that magnificent booty.
Amazing catch, you nailed it my friend. Thank you so much.

Curves to hips ratio is just insane!

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Videos being cute edited and compressed now. Will post soon

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Gahh damn bro