Opinion on how to improve

My friend ask me to help her pick her makeup


I hope theres a benefit or two, in that deal…:wink:

When the aisle is empty and it’s just you two it’s a good chance to get some better approaches, if you have a newer phone even a wide view camera could help, practice taking shots like your texting imo

Mmm I think you were in a bit of a rush when you took these out of fear she’d see you if she turned around. The key is to put your phone in a position or to lol so natural that if she did see you, she wouldn’t think you were taking pics of her. Just naturally act as if you’re using your phone (maybe add a facial expression or two), and then move behind her and casually snap a good pic. The key is to never act like you’re doing anything wrong

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Also to add, if you’re friends with a person I understand it’s even more nerve wrecking but it’s sneaky easier you can get up close without them thinking it’s weird. Like when she was looking at the make up get next to her like you’re looking too and then you’d be nice and close for sneaky ass shots. She’s got a great little round ass and she loves to show off can’t wait to see more from you