outrageously fat ass on this lulu employee 🔥

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while. Another one of those times where it’s damn near impossible to edit and post before busting to it… I usually try and be cautious and never stay too long, but I couldn’t resist with this girl. I think I stayed in there recording her for about an hour. One of the fattest asses I’ve ever seen



yohoho! hire her right away to wear something for me.

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Nice !! She’s thick asf

She definitely noticed you were there for an hour. She was loving the attention


Well done. Seems like a long linger?

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Beauty of an Ass…irresistible indeed…love the way she bends to show more of that hot shape…instant turn on…awesome :peach::heart_eyes::+1:

Great shots!

You sir, i salute! Very nice ass…

Amazing catch

great shots mate.

Slabs of meat

Looks like two hams fighting inside a bag

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great ass on her would love to see the video

This ain’t just good wow it’s amazing
Is there a video ?

If you can look busy for an hour, it got you some great content. That’s not typical, for sure

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Are you gonna bless us with the video?

Incredible ass. Seems like she was aware of your butt study. It’s probably captured dozens of times a day.

Damn so man good shots! And her bending over in front of you just looks great

she loves teasing us with that fat ass

Oh my god :heart_eyes: