outrageously fat ass on this lulu employee 🔥

I bet every guy who enters the store ends up taking pictures of her

So meaty! I can why you hung around for an hour. This is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Would love to see the video. Great work, thanks!

Definitely one of my favorite captures

Out of this world

Fantastic capture

Caught the hitch up, the bend down, and palming her own spectacular rump… Well DONE

Had to make sure to get every angle :drooling_face:


Wow, great job thanks buddy, video please?


You’re amazing Holy shit

The girls ass is amazing. I’m just doing my job sharing a slut so we can all perv to her!

we all need to see this bubble in motion my guy

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asses like this got higher body count than mia khalifa :joy:

Fappin hard to this one, what s gem…absolutely faptastic my friend…she got a backyard for ages…thank you for that masterpiece.

Can we get a video of this one? As soon as she crouched I was done imagining banging that ass from behind doggy style :hot_face: