Overcoming Fear

I pretty much go to Target and Walmart on a weekly basis and see plenty of ass, but the thing that stops me cold is fear. My anxiety will stop me cold even if I’m just one isle over from some amazing ass. What do you do to overcome the fear of getting caught?


Getting caught isn’t so bad lol don’t sweat it man. If you get caught just deny everything! I got caught by this sexy little teen last summer with her friends. She spun around, looked right at me and said “are you recording a video?” And I quickly tapped the power button on my iPhone (to put it to sleep) and looked at the screen, showed it to her, and said “nope”. She then said “oh… okay” turned back around and I continued filming her lmfao. (I actually got her asking in the video too. Hearing her ask me if I’m recording is pretty hot too looking back)

You don’t really have anything to lose since none of this is illegal. (Aside from the obvious up/the/skirt)

I find it really sexy when I get a shot of them looking straight into my camera too. I get caught all the time and most girls just don’t say anything. I have many video-documented examples of this haha.

I also love when they know what you’re doing and ignore you. I had a sexy blonde last summer do that. I followed her around the grocery store and she almost seemed like she was showing off. Whatever she did, she made sure her ass was facing my direction.

Pm me if you need advice my man. Been doing this a long time



Here, try this?

Walk in the building and immediately turn the video on and the screen dark. Ignore the device but gently swing it in the direction of subjects as you immediately pass them. Or stop at an end cap, wave the lens in the direction.
be sure the screen stays dark OR keep it covered with another object such as a wallet, etc
Do it in increments. Delete/edit footage as necessary later on.

Check the footage later and see what you walked by! Maybe you pointed the lens in a direction if only for a second. The need for the challenge may build.

Kind of like getting over a fear, start small. But if you do t get excited then it ain’t your thing and you will realize, just review others footage online/elsewhere.

The key is when you are caught.

If the excitement builds, and the rush becomes a need, you will continue. When you’re caught - either it will increase the need or subside you. It’s ok to take a break if need be, if the rush is gone then so be it.


Her friend was hawk eyeing me the whole time. I was looking away at the time so I didn’t really notice lol, but afterwords I saw in the video that they busted me pretty quickly. I see them whispering, then her friend stares into my cam for a second and goes “yep” and then she asked me if I was recording lol

this is a great nice job lizzy

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It was, 100%.

I use my phone at my side and pretend to be doing something else. It’s worked so far and I’ve got some amazing content this way. Including that video :wink: haha


I’m not worried about it

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Do you have any pics you could share of what sounds like a sweet piece of ass

Here is a lil shorty with a bubble!
I got her on the”Always good help at dicks” thread, I got this today. I will be updating the post with another 30 of her this view only unfortunately.

And a vid :+1: :+1:


Very nice cant wait

Thanks dawg