Pasty Beach Brunette With Nice Ass (Video)

Got quite a good collection of hotties on this particular day but this girl was one of the standouts. Love her milky skin and shapely ass. I left the footage in of her chubby friend too if anyone’s into that sort of thing ;)


Lotta ass self checking. I volunteer to help! Thanks for leaving the plump girl in, I appreciate your thoughtfulness :grin:


Love this chick!

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@Bundachecker Excellent Post I love that you left her chubby friend in. They’re both Sexy!!

Thanks for sharing the vids also!


Damn great capture! That asss is fucking great

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I love these moms… cute tummies on both of them!

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yooooo! 3 of 17 about had me fallin the fuck out of my chair. :metal:t4::sunglasses:

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me encanto esta pose uffffff


Such a nice ass

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Amazing capture and videos

Both of them are proper sexy

I know right?? Lucky son of a gun!

One beauty, one horror story, but the pasty one is worth it.