PAWG in tik tok style leggings (OC)

Didn’t expect to find this lady back when I was leaving a certain area, and slowed down just so she could pass me :joy:


Video ? And omg I would stand so close behind this bitch

No video but I can make them into short videos with the iPhone Live Photo, just gotta see about how to upload it onto here

Those cakes look real too. If so very impressive girl



I have seen a couple posts referred to TikTok style leggings. What does that mean exactly?

I’ve just seen them in thirst trap videos or being sold at flee markets/on Amazon so I think that’s how they got the name or “anti cellulite leggings”

Thanks, that’s Interesting. I have never heard of thirst trap. I checked it out on YouTube. Makes sense how the ribbed/textured legging would hide the cellulite on these big ass chicks. I know some dudes love that stuff but I know women worry about it.

I dont like too much that type of leggings tik tok but some girls look nice with it

Id follow her home

What? How do “flea markets” and “thirst traps” have anything to do with anti cellulite? They’re called that because the pattern hides cellulite.