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Can anyone explain why my posts are always being "reviewed " and “pending”?? Im at a regular trust level. Have been very active on the forum. These posts dont go against any of the rules. But every time I try to post its “pending” and then 90% of the time it gets rejected without reason. And they are quality posts too! What am i doing that keeps requiring reviews?? Im not using the “T” word in any of them either…frusterating!

  1. Add content + Links
  2. Select all and cut
  3. upload empty
  4. once uploaded paste the copied content and click save.

Mine too. My posts always get tons of likes and my trust level is upgraded as well. Meanwhile all these terrible posts are flooding this forum.


Came in clutch with the pro tip!! Thanks man!

Most of mine are deleted due to lack of likes, each one has a taste of beauty, but my photos honestly have good quality. The other day a VIP member of the forum came to make fun of me asking if it was my wife in the photos, totally disrespectful, nobody is obliged to like the women in the photos, but respect is everything. I’m sad about it. (Sorry for bad english, using google translator).

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Probably has something to do with your 30+ deleted posts and 2 suspensions.

Ah shit your right…thats gotta be it…other than none of that is true :joy:

Terrible posts usually don’t make it past the 50 likes threshold.

I can see all your suspensions, flags, and deleted posts.


Any reason why my posts take hours to get approved and others don’t need approval and are live as soon as I submit?

It depends if there is a moderator online or not, sometimes we will see posts as soon as they’re submitted and we can review them right away. Other times it can be hours.

Thanks for the heads up, and I especially appreciate how open you are regarding content moderation.

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:joy: wew lad

Good content! Keep it coming!
Try creating a post at a different time of day…

Hi. Can someone help me post something here? I have a cap I want to share. Every time I post it (now twice) it goes to Pending and then disappears.

The terrible posts can be flagged>Something Else>add explanation
Do not reply to the post
Most importantly, check to see those that are commenting and liking - those are the users keeping the shit posts alive