Perfect Ass Swimming in a Bikini


Amazing underwater shots! She’s got a great body, beautiful ass!

wow this is an amazing looking set of pics!

Underwater booty!

In deed ! Her ass is GREAT ! Very good job !

Wow, quite rare to see these sort of shots, what gear do you use?

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This is next level shit haha

Just a GoPro. Nothing fancy.

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que buenas tomas :) saludos

Really clear pictures…and spot on with your title!

Lovely pictures. I love how these sexy girls wear their bikinis to the beach…it’s the next best thing to seeing their cute asses in panties.

Love underwater shots! Great job🤘🏻

This works well with an iPhone as well. I have 1-2 of these, didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but I don’t frequent water parks as I should. Maybe one day I’ll post now I’m editing more.
Editing is ruthless!!