Perfect Brunette with Fatass

The look on her face at the end lol. With an ass like that in those pants… expect the attention

Here’s the vid



That last shot says it all!

Damn that’s juicy as fuck! Nice and perky but still heavy and fat. Perfect shape and love her built quads. Thanks for sharing this beauty :pray:

Video is amazing - thank you so much for adding that to the thread. She is seriously hot in those leggings and is great to see her in motion too. The highlight has to be when she reaches up to the high shelf - wow!


Great video. Shes gorgeous and incredibly shapely.

Literally the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen. Holy hell! Amazing cap.

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Truly great girl right there. Fuck she’s hot

These are such high quality, amazing work!

So fucking hot, damn :hot_face:

She’s incredibly juicy, great work!

Amazing!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Made me skeeet loads man

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holy freaking shit, this is god-tier!!! amazing work, she a freaking nut buster

Unreal :ok_hand:

That last look from here was hilarious :joy: