Perfect bubble butt blonde

Found this on another site but I just had to share it here, not sure who the original belongs to but enjoy fellas

I also have a a couple videos if anyone is interested


Yes videos please ?


Posted them above


Beautiful little tight ass and such tonified legs aswel!! great catch! :hot_face: :sweat_drops:

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Love the videos ! Great catch!!!

Yes girls don`t want to act like hookers. Guys should not see them as a sex toy.
Oh wait, i have to pull up my pants.
Step 1: Pull up pants backwards on the upper end of the middle seam. So the cheeks get split as much as possible.
Step 2: Stroke the forefinger right under a cheek to check if there are any folds. No folds = good.
Step 3: Draw a line with the outer hands side along the middle “buttcheek” seam to check if all is split well ;)
Step 4: Shake and wiggle the butt and get attention. Because it is easier than impress by intellect :P

She does that in the first video but missed out step 3. Maybe she`s a rookie.


This the type of ass you be slipping up on lol. Gotta remember to pull out😂

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Cute butt

Amazing ass