Phat Asian Booty at Costco. Nice round phat lifted

Havent seen a nice phat booty on an asian like her. Could be from the Philippines. Had to cap for collection.


I literally cant stop getting over the chicks you capped. You’re too consistent in the amount of thicc girls you got i fucking love you


Aww thank you. Is too much work. I have endles of years of OC. Keep an eye I think I might change the game up on here


super hot :fire:

That’s a fat ass

Thanks for all the love yu been given

Thanks bro i appreciate that. I got tons more keep an eye out.

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Wanted to welcome you to forum, I seen you just joined a few days ago. I’m a fan of your work. This one is my favorite of yours so far because these types of pants drive me crazy! I wish there was more of her, the fact that she’s Asian and has an ass like this is crazy. I would have followed her for as long as I could lmfao. Told her I forgot my name tag and work for Costco and helped hold her cart while she loaded her shit in her own car. :joy: