Phat ass latina co worker

I posted these on a previous account i had to delete. This womans ass is so irresistible especially in person.


She is perfect

Damn those jeans are :fire:

Wow - that was quite some journey you took us on there and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! You started us off with some gorgeous, skin-tight Hollisters jeggings, then moved on to amazing Levi’s, then various American Eagle, another Hollister, leggings and various others, ending with a superb reaching up shot in Hollister. You have really done a magnificent job cataloging her various sexy outfits for work. You must look forward to seeing what she comes in wearing each day - I know I would! She looks so sexy in every one of those outfits. Thank you you SO much for sharing this amazing journey with us.


I’d love to stock that shelf of an ass

Fuck, that ass looks cinder-block hard, great cap…

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Remember these! Her ass looks very good and love the various styles she wears!

She’s like some of the women I know who are addicted to tight jeans. It’s not just that they think tight pants look better, it’s also that they’re actually uncomfortable in baggy pants.