PHAT Ass Museum Booty -- Spanish Chick -- Amazing Hips

I went for the art. I stayed for the booty. Not gonna lie, it was hard not to follow her around. Enjoy.


You found the best art piece in the gallery :heart_eyes:


Great fatass!!

Look at her flaunting her pawg ass in those skintight jeans that look like they are about to burst

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Wow wow wowwww

That ass to waist ratio is sensational

She’s an absolute 10

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She is incredible!

An absolute mASSterpiece!

The real Mona Lisa!

That hot ass deserves to be explored and appreciated like an actual museum gallery…excellent capture :peach::fire::yum::smile:

I’m imagining her in lingerie or a bikini… damn that would be great!! :star_struck:

quite appropriate since that ass belongs in a museum for the world to enjoy for generations to come

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Wish I was those jeans I wanna hug that ass all day

Borghese Gallery in Rome? My man has taste.

intersting new spot to me at least for shots good idea

Uff unreal ass. Impossible to not follow.

thats some real art.

My god that ass is on the right place!
Great catch! :ok_hand: