Phat ass office pawg in leggings OC

Unfortunately my phone decided even though I had it on slow mo that it wasn’t going to record in slow mo, so the quality on these isn’t what it could be. I did what I could editing to brighten things up as well. Her ass is amazing in person and these don’t do it nearly enough justice tbh

Here’s some bonus shots of her in jeans


A full size ass. :clap::clap:

wow phat ass

Here’s a bit more of her


That is some epic cake – she must turn so many heads when she wears those! :birthday: :peach: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yea, and Ive just gotta hope I’m lucky enough to be around to see it

Oh man I’ve bet you’ve seen some great bend over shots from her

I wish I did but sadly I do not. I’m pretty new at this so I’m just starting to build a catalogue.

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Yeah it takes time and patience when the right time and mood align you can get some amazing shots no need risking it.

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Epic coworker, in leggings she’s simply EPIC!

Wow keep posting her for sure :heart_eyes:

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I would be yelling “YOU LIKE IT BRUH” while hitting it from the back lmfao

Damn she actually looks so good on leggings good stuff man