PHAT ASS white girl in slutty one piece 🍑 (OC)

My greatest cap ever. Will post the 15+ videos once I get some likes, and I won’t be unfair, I’m not looking for a crazy amount. This girl was my greatest and hottest cap ever, a literal MILF in the making. She knew what I was up to after a while but didn’t seem to care much. Target never seems to fail. RIP to all my amazing, deleted Target shots. I vow from this day forth to always keep content this good, this ass convinced me. Sorry my gifs won’t upload, feel free to edit lighting and GIF stuff!

EDIT: HOLY over 250 likes in less than 24 hours! Glad you guys love her as much as I do lol. As promised, the videos are now attached. My only request is, if you guys can, please make gifs of them and post them on here for others to see, there’s so much great content in the videos. Enjoy!


need the videos :hot_face:


Yeah i agree…to go in Target dressed like a street walker

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So amazingly hot! Great cap looking forward to seeing more!

What a sexy bum.:drooling_face::wink:

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She looks yummy :drooling_face::drooling_face: hope there’s some face shots in the video

Absolute beaut! Thank you!


She never needed a like target. Dressed like that, we were wlays going to be thirsty for the little slut.

Thanks for getting her


Nice :clap:t3:

Can’t wait to see the vid :saluting_face:

Happy to see you’ve raised your standards


Best shot here…


wow nice ass

Tag me on the vid

Same, I have moments during the day where this deep sense of regret washes over me for deleting so many of the amazing caps I’ve taken over the years. Love to see I’ve caught the attention of a legend, I have so many of your posts bookmarked :saluting_face:

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it’s up

Wish there was a face shot sheesh

She’s just BEGGING to have her ass eaten :yum::yum:

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Stop begging/demanding videos. Go out and get one yourself.