Phone case with mirror


I’d swear I saw something like this in the past, but I fail to find it online now.
What I would be looking for is a phone case, with a small mirror built-in, which allows you to record under an ie 90 degrees angle.

This would be perfect… ANyone remember/know of such a thing?


i don’t remember it, but it sounds like a good start-up opportunity, can you send a sketch?

Basically a black case which has a small mirror in front of the lens, tilted to the side, where there is a gap at the left side of the case. Must be a but thicker than normal due to that mirror, so also some space for a small power bank.

Would mean you could be casually checking on your phone, having it pointed somewhere else, while it records everything happening left (or right) from you.

Nice start-up? Maybe… You build it, ill buy it lol

haha, i’m seriously considering the idea, in my opinion the most difficult part is to guarantee that you don’t see the edges of the mirror from the camera, and you don’t see the edges of the case from the mirror. Besides, it should also be durable enough and easy to clean to preserve the video quality.

so, if it is technically feasible with a decent result…i am willing to buy it myself :rofl:

Well none of that should be a real showstopper.
As long as you realize that to be the case, just film in 4k and center the subject. Then, if needed, you can cut in premiere or whatever one uses. :)